A blur.

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June 19th '19

Day 7, 5th day in the saddle.


What a night. I can't say that I was tossing and turning, instead I was rolling. And not with laughter. It would have been better for me to put myself out of my misery, get out of the tent, remove the pegs and reset the tent at a different angle so I wouldn't be rolling all night, but no. I insisted that I could get some sleep even if I felt like I was falling the whole night. And that of course turned out to be a horrible decision.

I woke up in the morning, got my day going, cooked a delicious, nutritious breakfast (Thank you Northwest Fork for your generous sponsorship) and took down camp.

Northwest Fork

While packing up to get back on the road, this very sweet English couple that was camping there, Dave and Liz Smith, came over and we starting chatting. Once they heard about my campaign, they were very excited for me, and insisted on sponsoring me with 30 Euro. I was very humbled and really enjoyed chatting with them. Thank you so much Dave and Liz!! You were my spark of sunshine that day. Dave's email address started off with Uncoolda@random.com (this is not his real email of course) and I said that just like huge guys are sometimes called Tiny, he is really cool, hence the nickname uncool. But it turned out it was his nieces loving, playful moniker for him, a play on the word "Uncle". Well Dave, that may be the case, but in my opinion, you and Liz were wayyyyy cool.

After packing up, I got onto my bike and started off. Not only was I exhausted, I was actually sore from straining to remain in one place all night. But, a day in the saddle should take care of that, right? And the answer was (just in case any of you were overly optimistic), Nope!! Instead, I don't remember much about the day's cycling, it literally went by in a blur. An even worse blur because of my vision. All I know from the day, was that I hurt. Everywhere. In places I didn't know existed.

"This too shall pass", kept playing in my head, accompanied of course by the Black Knight saying "None Shall Pass". By the end of the day, not only was I confused, but the only thing that was passing, was me. Out.

I arrived at the Roche camping grounds around 7:00pm or so and promptly took a rest.

And that folks is my blog for the day. Done. Just like me.

Abbey in Clonmines, Bannow Bay. County Wexford - close
Abbey in Clonmines, Bannow Bay. County Wexford - pano
Rising moon over the water
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6 thoughts on “A blur.”

  1. Your tenacity is a lesson for us all. Your spirit and faith is more than admirable. It pains us that you are in pain and we pray that the days become easier but you are living your dream (albeit a little nightmarish at certain points). We are very proud of you and pray that you have a good Shabbos and that the rest reinvigorates you. All our love.. Mom and Dad

    1. Thanks so much Mom and Dad. I’m finding tenacity is easier if I just keep carrying on :-).
      Thank G-D the pain is better than it was, and each day, I either get stronger, or more numb. Either way works :-).
      Love you guys,

  2. So nice to hear that you made it without incidents(apart from very sore parts). Hope you will keep us informed of your progress.
    Thanks for talking to you concerning the lack of sight, it really does open up our concerns for our son Iain, as we said, he lives in sheltered accommodation in Milton Keynes, he has Down’s syndrome and is awaiting for a cataract op. Our concerns were for his anxiousness about the clouds & the wind. Your explanation about your (lack) of eyesight really has brought us relief & understanding in Iain’s anxiousness.
    Good luck on your travels, we will be thinking of you.
    Dave & Liz Smith

    1. Hi Dave and Liz,

      Thanks so much again for your help and for the conversation at the campgrounds. If my experiences can help anyone else, I am so happy. I wish your son Iain the best with the cataract surgery, and may his stress and anxiety be greatly eased by not only the surgery, but also from the obvious love you both have for him. As someone with Downs syndrome, he is a very special soul.
      Thanks for the good wishes, and let’s keep in touch.

      All the best,

      Boruch Len

  3. By the way, we are back in England now and it is very sunny. We are in Hereford, a very ancient & medieval city, lots of interesting buildings & museums. Well worth a visit.

    1. Sounds like an amazing, must-visit place. I’ll have to add it to my bucket-list. Thanks for the info.

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