Don’t eat Salad Cream (mayonnaise)!! Trust me!!

map - 6B

June 20th ’19 Day 8, 6th day in the saddle.

Praying to the porcelain gods (otherwise known as vomiting, throwing up or hurling (but nothing to do with the Irish sport of Hurling), is not fun. Neither is wanting to throw up, but not being able. I'm really not sure which is worse. What I do know, is that it's no old mother's tale not to eat bad mayonnaise, it just makes sense. Or at least, it does to me now.

I bought some delicious Heinz Salad Cream last Friday, used some, and have kept the rest in my panniers with my other food for the last week. Turns out, it's not a bad idea to do that, it's just a bad idea to eat it. It didn't taste or smell bad going in, but boy, did it feel bad coming out.

Luckily it was just a few hours of agonizing, debilitating, nauseating, discombobulating self-inflicted torture. My body went to war, and routed out all the Trojan horse invaders in a remarkably short time.

After the battle, I was exhausted, and it was raining off and on, so I really didn't want to get back on the road. I thought up every excuse in the book not to carry on, and just wait where I was until Sunday. But, I know myself well, and talked myself off the ledge, packed up and headed out.


Road through tree tunnel - County Wexford - sunrays

I'm sure glad I did. The ride was beautiful, mostly cloudy with some rain and sprinkles, but glorious sunshine when it broke through.

I got to cross the river on a ferry from County Wexford into County Waterford in a light drizzle, and was rewarded with beautiful, warm sunshine once across the river. I spent a little while photographing, and then started the long slog uphill on the cliff road.

Passage East Ferry - BW
On the ferry from Ballyhack to Passage East County Waterford
Ballyhack Harbour - County Wexford
Old boat in the Passage East harbour - County Waterford
Blue building in the East Passage harbour - BW - Selective colour - blue
Fishing trawler in Passage Easst Harbour - County Waterford - BW
Fishing boat at low tide in Passage East Harbour - County Waterford

While cycling this long and winding road, I noticed old ruins that were just begging to be photographed. I pulled off and spent about 1/2 hour just soaking in the beauty and feeling of the place. I searched high and low, and could not find anything about this ruin. If anyone has any info, PLEASE let me know (it was under the bridge on Dunmore Rd Co. Waterford).

Old arch over stream under Dunmore Rd Bridge - County Waterford
Old ruins under Dunmore Road Bridge - 2 - sunrays
Old ruins under Dunmore Road Bridge - 3 - sunrays

Expecting strong rains Thursday night, I found the cheapest accommodations I could find in an industrial area just outside of Waterford, and rejoiced in having made the right decision. Then I wrote up the blogs from the previous 2 days, and fell asleep, exhausted, but happy with a smile on my face.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t eat Salad Cream (mayonnaise)!! Trust me!!”

  1. My dear husband, you are so brave and strong. I am oh so sorry that you are so far away and we could not be there to help, or make you feel better, …you carried on despite feeling not so good……you always do and do your best no matter what and carry on as best as you can….for that alone I hope you succeed in your journey….may you be protected and kept safe beezrat Hashem……Know we are with you and we love you lots

    1. Thank you so much my Dear. Your love and support, even though it’s across the pond, are felt here very strongly. I find the easiest way to persevere, is to just carry on carrying on.
      You are my rock!!
      Love you and the kids.

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