The Wonderer

I'm heading to the Wellington Eye Clinic in a few minutes for my next surgery on my left eye and wanted to at least get this blog/poem out before I go in. I'm not sure how long after this surgery I'll be able to see well enough to write, read or travel, but will be back as soon as I am.

See you all round the next bend.

Crab Island off Doolin Harbour - LAte Sunset

The wonderer.


I’ve been around the world and seen so many wonders that stole my breath away.

I’ve seen the sun go up and down, experienced marvels every day.

I’ve been blessed to feel the waters of the oceans, the seas, the rivers and the lakes.

I’ve climbed the mountains and the hillsides, and seen such beauty that I shake.

My feet have traveled further, than most can say they’ve been.

I’ve seen glory in humanity, yet not all is at it seems.

My toes have bathed in many sands, my eyes have seen the stars from North and South.

Each place has it’s own beauty, cool winds I’ve tasted with my mouth.

My senses have been tickled, with wonderment and relief.

My faith has both been shaken and yet strengthened in belief.

I’ve been in darkness that I’ve felt, I’ve heard the winds blow through the leaves,

The forest’s creatures dart around, encompassed by all their needs.

The deserts all are teeming, with the ancients buried in the sand.

The fish swim in the ocean, never daring to step on land.

The treasures are all stored away, the rain falls lightly on my face.

Life is short enough you see, don’t rush, try slow your pace.

I’ve seen the future of our planet, it is both bright and dismal but alive.

It’s fate depends on all the creatures, but only we can make sure that all survive.

We humans are their stewards, their fate lies in our hands.

We’re the guardians of all creatures, it’s up to us save our lands.

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5 thoughts on “The Wonderer”

  1. I and my wife do wish you al the best for the eye surgery, and hope that you recover quickly. Iain, mine and my wives son, who has Down’s syndrome and, as I told you, he had cataracts in both eyes. He had his right one done a month ago, as soon as we removed his protective gauze from his eye, he screamed that he could now see. How wonderful, I do hope that you have the same or similar reaction.

    Dave & Liz Smith

  2. I thank each one of you for your good wishes for my husband, we all pray that he recovers quickly and completely…..thank you everyone so so much…..

  3. hi Boruch Len.
    I’m taxi driver who I pick it you up few months ago in Dublin and you share your story which is my story (kerato cornee) and thanks for advising me to see doctor arthur

    you are gentlemen I wish you get recovery very quick

    Ahmed Diaf

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      I was so happy to meet you and to possibly help guide you with your keratoconus issues. Dr Arthur Cummings and the Wellington Eye Clinic are the best there is. Please keep me in the loop and let me know how things work out for you. And if you have any questions or concerns, please make sure to get back in touch with me.
      Wishing you all the best of luck.

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