There was an old man from Limerick…..

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Thursday July 18th '19

There was an old man from Limerick
Who told so many rhymes it made everyone sick.
It wasn't PC, but they egged him you see,
So in the dead of night he left town very quick.

Okay, admittedly, it's not the greatest of limerick rhymes, but it was cool driving through the County that this form of poetry was named after.

I also drove past the village Moneygall in County Offaly, which has received international attention for being the ancestral home of Falmouth Kearney, a maternal great-great-great grandfather of Barack Obama who visited the village in 2011. There's even a petrol station/plaza named after him. And please, no negative comments about past President Obama. Whether you like past President Obama or not, let's respect the Office, if not the Man.

Barack Obama Plaza

After getting everything finally sorted out back in Dublin, I headed out west, back to the next planned location on my journey, Inch Beach in County Kerry.

I passed by the Adare Castle and had to stop and photograph it, but unfortunately, I didn't have the time to go in, so I got to photograph it just from the outside.

Adare Desmond Castle - Cunty Limerick - large pano

From there, I passed the old Augustinian Friary and got to grab a few shots as well.

Adare Augustinian Friary - County Limerick
Outside staircase to Adare Augustinian Friary - County Limerick - BW
Entry to inner garden in the Adare Augustinian Friary - County Limerick
Walkway around inner garden in the Adare Augustinian Friary - County Limerick
Inner garden in the Adare Augustinian Friary - County Limerick
Sitting on stairs to nowhere in the Adare Augustinian Friary - County Limerick - BW

I arrived quite late at night at the Inch Beach Campgrounds and got myself set up for a few days stay, knowing that I would be there until Sunday morning. The owner was very nice and gave me a much appreciated discount for the first night.

It rained heavily most of Thursday night, with a fair amount of rain on Friday as well. I was however, able to get a few photographs during the lulls in weather.

Inch Beach during storm
River Owenascaul looking toward the mountains - portrait
Caravan in front of stormy clouds on mountain - panorama
Horse grazing
Sheep looking at the camera - smile
Sheep lying down

Friday afternoon, and late into the night however, were wracked with heavy wind and rain storms. I actually felt nauseous and seasick from the movement of the van as it was rocked back and forth.

And in what appeared to be a pattern that was holding up quite predictably, Saturday was beautiful!! There were a few clouds in the sky, with the light changing throughout the day, giving me a dazzling, spectacular lightshow over the gorgeous landscape. Being my Sabbath, I couldn't photograph it, so it felt like a little present from G-D, a show just for me to enjoy, and not to record.

Sunday morning I awoke to clouds, wind and rain again, and after saying goodbye to the owner of the campground, I set out to visit the famous "Sheep Highway" in the Dingle peninsula.

For that story, you'll have to tune back in on the next blog :-).

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  1. Nice…the sheep with the black faces are so interesting, I think I am more used to seeing just white ones……

    1. Thanks,
      Same here, I think they’re so cool. I think I’ve taken more photos of sheep here than anything else :-).

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